Who was Big Jim?

Who was Big Jim?

Giacomo “Big Jim” Colosimo is a big name around Tommy Gun’s Garage. In fact, one of our most popular dishes is named after him. Why the recognition? Big Jim was the leader of the South Side gang before Prohibition, but he met an unfortunate end in a building that stood where Tommy Gun’s Garage is today.

Da Tommy Gun's Garage Story


Tommy Gun’s Garage was originally opened by a Chicago police officer (Robert Sanfratello) and his Son (Bobby Jr.) in August of 1987. It had about 100 items on the menu when it opened. The very first show took about three hours to get the food out so the menu was trimmed down to make things run smoother and faster. Cast member Sandy Mangen knew she could do better, so with the help of some of her friends, she purchased the business in February of 1989.

Originally located under the EL tracks at State and Roosevelt, Tommy Gun's Garage moved a few blocks south to 2114 S. Wabash in 2004. The venue still kept its garage-like feel, but it increased its seating to 200 people in a much more comfortable setting.

After 30 years in business, Tommy Gun’s Garage Dinner Theater is the longest running show in Chicago. The show is appropriate for any age group and fun for everyone. Today, Tommy Gun’s sees visitors from the Chicago area, from across the country and from all over the world.